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Himalayan Bowls and Chanting.

I have been updating the previous post (Vibrational Energy Balancing) on a regular basis to reflect my live Bowls/Chanting sessions which have been significantly curtailed during the pandemic. It has been two years since I’ve written an actual new post. Not sure why. Maybe just plain slothfulness.

This new post will be short and sweet. Because of the pandemic and the fact the many of you reading this blog will probably not experience a live bowls/chanting program anytime soon, if ever, I decided to start posting 22-30 minute sessions on YouTube.

A regular live session lasts a little over an hour but these shorter versions are worth a look and listen. The two most recent audio sessions, Vitality and Chakra Clearing have the clearest sound because of a better microphone. All four are interesting, each in their own way.

You can find all four on my channel by going to the YouTube site and entering: Allan Bazzoli-Himalayan Bowls. Or click on these individual links for each session. The links are: Himalayan Bowls/Chanting for Health, https://youtu.be/WDA55Exzy3o, for Sleep, https://youtu.be/iX6nJv_oqCs, for Vitality, https://youtu.be/B8EtswRlu-E, for Chakra Clearing, https://youtu.be/nkIxcllCXkI.

The mere thought of making a YouTube video playing the Himalayan bowls and chanting was an event way outside the box for me. But as Lewis Carroll said. “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”.

My heartfelt thanks to Sam Barone for his encouragement and exceptional technical skills. You made this possible.

Addendum: I started offering live monthly Himalayan Bowl/Chanting programs in May of 2022 at the Brown Family Environmental Center in Gambier, Ohio. For more information, please contact Noelle Jordan at jordan2@kenyon.edu.